In 2006, the California Department of Water Resources launched a multi-faceted initiative to improve public safety though integrated flood management.  California has begun the long process to improve flood management systems–investing heavily to complete emergency repairs quickly near several high-risk urban areas, informing the public about flood risjs, enacting significant new laws, and providing funds to lead a sustained effort to improve public safety through integrated flood management. The FloodSAFE program is a collaborative statewide effort designed to accomplish five broad goals:

  • Reduce the Chance of Flooding
  • Reduce the Consequences of Flooding
  • Sustain Economic Growth
  • Protect and Enhance Ecosystems
  • Promote Sustainability


FloodSAFE Vision

A sustainable integrated flood management and emergency response system throughout California that improves public safety, protects and enhances environmental and cultural resources, and supports economic growth by reducing the probability of destructive floods, promoting beneficial floodplain processes, and lowering the damages caused by flooding.