One of the greatest benefits of farming in the Sacramento Valley is the amount of habitat provided to wildlife. Rice farming provides valuable open space and habitat for ducks, geese, and shorebirds. In addition, farming practices within Reclamation District No. 108 provide habitat to many other wildlife species, some of which include species of special concern, threatened, or endangered. Below are pictures from various locations around the district of some wildlife that call 108 home:

 Snow Geese   Pheasant   Pheasant   Pheasant   Green Pheasant   Green Pheasant   Egret   Kingfisher   Opossum   Opossum   Turkey   Swainson Hawk   Swainson Hawk   Black Tailed Deer   Black Tailed Deer   Kingsnake   Swans   Swans   Sheep   Osprey   Osprey   Osprey   Red Winged Black Bird   Geese   Geese   Snow Geese   Snow Geese   Pelican   Pelican   Fox Cub   Fox Cubs   River Otters   River Otter   River Otter   Gopher Snake   Cormorant   Bald Eagle   Bald Eagle   Ring Tailed Cat   Golden Eagle   Western Fence Lizard   Western Fence Lizard   RD Cat   Giant Garter Snake   Skunk   Heron   Honey Bee   Canadian Geese   Muskrat   American Avocet   Burrowing Owl   Burrowing Owl   Burrowing Owl   Burrowing Owl   Black Phoebe   Peafowl   Peafowl   Tree Squirrel   Ferruginous Hawk   Ferruginous Hawk   Ferruginous Hawk   Western Meadowlark   Great Blue Heron   Bald Eagle   Bald Eagle   Bald Eagle   Bald Eagle   Bald Eagle   Gopher Snake   Gopher Snake   Mink   Mink   Northern Harrier 

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Northern California Water Association has developed the following brochures on how farming in the Sacramento Valley provides habitat for fish and migratory birds:


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